In-Depth: [SKINMISO] Pore Purifying Toner! Skin Toner that Will Save Your Pores!

February 27, 2018 | By Bronwyn Papineau
Hello my loves, it's Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here today sharing another review! If you are new here, I am assuming you are curious to know if the [SKINMISO] Pore Purifying Toner review will help you gauge if this product is the right fit for your skin. Well if you have a skin type like me, which is Sensitive, Combination dry and acne prone, then you certainly have come to the right place to get your answers! To start off this review on my experience with the toner, let's take a look at what this product claims to do for our skin.

[SKINMISO] Pore Purifying Toner Review

This toner claims to:

  • Purify and deep clean pores
  • Balance skin pH levels
  • Remove excess dirt and oil
  • Hydrate skin
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Controls excss oil production
  • Exfoliating

Those are some interesting claims for a toner! Judging by these claims, it's pretty clear that this toner is designed to be more suitable to those with combination skin types who are probably looking for something to balance their skin while still being gentle and calming. Sounds like the perfect toner for me during the warmer seasons as my skin usually becomes more on the oil side in warmer climates.

Packaging & Texture

When it comes to this [SKINMISO] Pore Purifying Toner review, I always like to take a good look at the product's packaging, as packaging can either make the product easy to use or surprisingly cause issues. To my liking, the Skinmiso Pore Purifying Toner comes in a clear frosted plastic bottle, allowing transparency making it easy to see just how much product has been used. This design is great for allowing you to know when it is time to stock up on more toner. Aside from that, the bottle comes with a flip up cap, making it easy to open the bottle with only 1 hand while applying an adequate amount of product onto your cotton pad or hands.

Moving onto the texture, this toner is very watery yet surprisingly has a slight silky feeling to it. Because this toner has a minimal amount of hydrating ingredients in it, the silky feeling I am experiencing is due to the presence of ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, which is a keep ingredient for adding hydration and balance to the skin. This is one ingredient I was very happy to see in this product.
Use & Experience
When I apply the toner to my face, I either use it on a cotton pad. When I do this, I immediately experience mild skin exfoliation due to the nature of the cotton pad. In this case, I recently have been using and enjoying the new [BY WISHTREND] Multi-Function Cotton Pad's which has a gentle exfoliating side and a soft gentle side. When used together, the [SKINMISO] Pore Purifying Toner provides the perfect level of daily exfoliation for my sensitive skin. However, when I use this toner without a cotton pad, I experience little to no noticeable exfoliation.

Aside from that, this toner is the perfect toner for me in the hot climate I currently am living in. This toner has been a great addition to my routine to balance out my skin's pH to a normal level. With the hot weather, my skin was becoming more oily and my pores, more dilated. Since adding this toner into my daily routine, my oil production has become more controlled and my pores have become more size regulated. This toner is the perfect fit for my skin at the moment. It adds just the right amount of hydration for my skin in a hot climate, keeps is cool and fresh feeling and helps treat my excess oil and pore size. Even in the mornings, I sometimes skip out on face wash and simply apply the Skinmiso Pore Purifying Toner to the ByWishtrend Multi-Function Cotton Pad's as my morning cleanse. This has been a perfect cleanse for lazy mornings!

All in all, I have been loving this toner for the hot weather I am living in! It controls my oil, keeps pores tight, freshens my skin and still adds some hydration. It has never caused me irritation and does not cause me any acne pimple breakouts or dry out my skin. If you have dry skin and are looking for a toner to add significant moisture and hydration, then I would not suggest this toner. However, if you have oily, combination or normal skin that is prone to acne or sensitivities, then this one toner you HAVE to try!


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