Wishtrend TV reaches 500K Subscribers!

February 26, 2018 | By Wendy Kim
If you have been shopping on Wishtrend for a while or if you are a beauty, skincare guru who searches for help and tips on Youtube, you would by now be aware of Wishtrend TV (click here to visit the youtube page). Wishtrend TV is one of the most leading Korean beauty, skincare related Youtube channel where you can have access to in depth tips and tutorials. It has been rolling since the year 2013 and it’s still going strong and just recently hit 500K! To celebrate reaching 500K subscribers, Wishtrend TV is having a Giveaway right now, so check the details on the giveaway below!
Watch the full video about "Our Story As Wish Company" on Wishtrend TV
Win the 500K Giveaway on Wishtrend TV!
Make sure to visit Wishtrend TV and see the video "[500K GIVEAWAY] FAQ About Our Content, Own Brand & More | Our Story As Wish Company" and check out the rules in the description box on how to participate in the Giveaway!
All the brands that we proudly present to you!

Since the founding of Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV, we aimed to curate a selection of good quality Korean skincare and beauty products. Through the curation of Korean products, we’ve encountered countless skincare, beauty companies that possess one of the finest manufacturing technologies and facilities. Through such encounters, we thought, if they can do it, why can’t we? That is why since a couple of years ago, we started to manufacture our very own skincare products that was created based on our very own formulation, philosophy and sensuality. And finally the 3 brands, Klairs, By Wishtrend and Jungle Botanics have come alive. We listen to the needs of our dearly customers and through the process of countless trials and tests, we formulate, manufacture, design, distribute, promote and manage sales for all three brands that we love and those who encounters fall in love with.
All the channels you can enjoy all about Wishtrend!
From videos to editorial contents, there are so much contents ready for you about skincare, beauty, makeup, health and so much more. All you have to do is enjoy! Take a look at the list of different platforms we have and pick your choice to go ahead and enjoy all we have to offer you!

Wishtrend TV
is Wishcompany’s very first ever made Youtube channel! It was first created in 2013 and has non-stop been uploading videos on skincare, beauty, makeup and so many more. Wishtrend TV offers a variety of skincare solutions and very effective tips and tutorials with the help of some of Wishtrend’s best selling products in the most easiest and effective way through videos. Collaborating with some of your favorite Youtubers is a bonus on this channel!

List of some of the most popular videos on Wishtrend TV (click the title to see the video)

Wish Beauty Lab
Wish Beauty Lab is Wishtrend’s 2nd Youtube channel! Unlike Wishtrend TV, Wish Beauty Lab has series of product catalogs, advertisement and detailed information and reviews on the products on! If you are interested in making a purchase on but doesn’t have a clear idea about the product, or if you already purchased the product but is curious about the proper ways and smart using tips on how to use them, this channel will be what you are looking for!

Glam Black
Glam Black is where you are on right now! Glam Black is an editorial section on! This is where our Wishtrend editors share some of the most interesting and useful information and tips that will only do good to you and your skin! From stories about ingredients to most useful tips and promotion related information will be uploaded casuay on a daily basis! So whenever you are bored or need that 'scrolling down' time on your phone, come spend time here!

List of trending articles on Glam Black (click the title to see the full article)

Wishtrend Glam
Wishtrend Glam is a blog run by our editors on Wishtrend where you can find tips on skincare, beauty, makeup and a variety of beauty related contents! But what's the difference with Glam Black, our editorial? Wishtrend Glam carries a wide arrange of articles that not only covers our brand products but a wider range of different brands! So whenever you feel like you want to get hands on more stories outside of our editorial section, head over to!

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