What's New? Gentle Exfoliating Gel Cleanser to Help Wash Your Imperfections Away!

November 20, 2018 | By Lorena Jiménez
These couple of past months have been pretty fast-paced. With so many new great products coming out, it can be a bit hard to follow up and decide which ones to add to our “wanted” lists.

Today on “What´s New?” we will be introducing the [BY WISHTREND] Acid-duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser a low ph face wash, free of the most feared irritants but filled with very powerful ingredients that will help you exfoliate, eliminate bacteria and keep your face blemish free while not strongly altering your skin barrier. If that sounds like your cup of tea, keep on reading because we are going to go through all you need to know about the newest By Wishtrend Cleanser.

The brand By Wishtrend

As many of you know, By Wishtrend is one of the most beloved brands we seem to have. Many of you rave about all the By Wishtrend products that have come out until now, and it makes a lot of sense. The perfect definition of less is more, it is a brand that has come out with very few products but very well made ones.

Great ingredients, beautiful formulations and simple and basic products that can be effective for most skin types seem to be the main goal, which has left us with great skincare items that you all seem to never get enough of. The Mandelic Acid prep water, the bestseller Vitamin C serum and masks, the Teca cream, the enzyme wash and vitamin cream. And now, the pimple patches and acid-duo cleanser that seem to be causing a lot of expectation.

Get Rid of The Germs Without Losing the Barrier

A face wash filled with powerful ingredients to help decongest, exfoliate and clear out the skin having at the same time a low pH and being free of sulfates, essential oils, fragrances, and colorants sounds like the new “it” product many of us might have been waiting for.

A product that focuses not only on cleansing and exfoliating but also minimizing irritation by eliminating the most reactive ingredients from the formula, will sound like a dream come true for all of those struggling with any types of impurities that also have to deal with having sensitive skin. The [BY WISHTREND] Acid-duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser will be a great solution to help acne and blemishes, while also helping at the same time two of the most highly extended skin conditions: dryness and oiliness.

[BY WISHTREND] Acid-duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser

With a duo of LHA and PHA, in quantities of 1% each, which gives the name to the “Acid-Duo 2%”. This product will be similar to an upgrade of the BHA+AHA duo in which LHA (Beta-lipohydroxy Acid), in the form of Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, would be substituting the BHA and PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) in the form of Gluconolactone could easily substitute the AHA with even less irritation for the skin.

What are their main qualities?

LHA has a very similar pH level to the one on the skin (5.5). Alike with BHA it penetrates into the skin gradually to gently exfoliate and pull waste to the surface, but it does not penetrate as deep as BHA or Glycolic acid, making it a great solution for congested skin while being more gentle and less irritating.

PHA is also a kind of AHA, with multiple (poly) Hydroxy Acid compounds. Due to the multiple hydroxyl groups and due to having larger particles than AHA, it is a more hydrating and less irritating ingredient that provides similar effects to its brother AHA. Helping not only with skin peeling but also with skin hydration.

Skin Benefits

Besides helping you exfoliate the surface of your skin, having antibacterial properties that will help fight acne and impurities, being a great peeling to improve skin tone and helping with skin hydration by attracting moisture and preventing moisture loss, the LHA + PHA mix has also the potential to help skin heal faster and provide extra inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

First impressions and how to use the Acid-duo cleanser

Besides avoiding its use with other exfoliating ingredients the how to´s are pretty self-explanatory. Best used as a treatment 2-3 times a week to keep the skin deeply cleansed and bacteria free, shall be applied during the cleansing step and followed up by your regular routine.
Actual reviews from staffs at Wishtrend

"Gel cleanser is what we all have been waiting for!"
Our foaming cleanser from Klairs has been one of our customer's all time favorite cleansing product on Wishtrend and has always been my everyday cleanser. Being so gentle & having fluffy foam that works perfect as a daily cleanser day and night, it seemed like nothing can get better than it. BUT then the gel clenaser has arrived! Again By Wishtrend will surprise our customers offering a gentle yet effectively exfoliating cleanser that will work amazing even on acne prone skin as well! I'm in love with the formula, the aesthetics and of course, it has been working great to clear and renew my skin since the first time I've recieved the sample! - Jay, Producer at Wishtrend TV

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