Anti-Aging Products for Every Skin Type! Make Your Anti Aging Routine Simple & Easy!

November 13, 2018 | By Bronwn Papineau
More often than not, when we think of anti-aging skincare products, a mental picture of our grandmothers heavy night creams come into mind.

Don’t look away!
Anti-aging skincare products come in a wide range of collections, starting with basic liquids all the day to serums, lotions and lastly, heavy creams. Not only that, one of the most common misconceptions with anti-aging cream for skin is that you need to have a dry skin type to use them. Once again, that is far from the truth!
When do I need to start using anti-aging products?
One thing you may not know is that you should be starting your anti-aging skincare routine around the age of 19 or 20! Once we hit 19, our skin begins the aging process, producing less collagen and natural oils. Once we are 26, our skin no-longer replenished cells at the same rate as it did when we were younger. What it comes down to is…
The earlier you start, the better!
The simplest way to this question is as simple as realizing this; if you are asking yourself if you need to start, then you need to start now!

Here are some questions for you:

• Does your skin feel tight?
• Does it look less bright?
• Are you starting to see fine lines?
• Are your pores looking stretched out?

If you answered YES to any of these, then you need to start using anti-aging products now!

The best choices for your skin type

A. Oily Skin Type

Oily skin types have fewer options in the world of anti-aging skincare. As most brand commonly assume aging skin is mostly dry, they often neglect those with oily skin. Of course, here are some key indicators you have oily skin:

• Skin is shiny
• You feel your face is constantly greasy
• Your skin becomes oily shortly after cleansing
• Your pores seem large

Even if you said yes to any of the above signs of oily skin, there are still anti-aging items you can look for!

What should I look for in my products?
• Anti-oxidants
• Ceramides
• Peptides
• Hyaluronic Acid

Those are some key ingredients that will work to slow down the aging process and that can also be found in liquid form, making them ideal for oily skin!
Top picks for oily skin
[KLAIRS] 2 Step Delay Aging Set

• Lightweight
• Anti-aging serum and cream
Learn More Here
B. Dehydrated Skin Type

Dehydrated skin is not a commonly discussed skin type, but is one that most people who “think” they have dry skin actually have. Dehydrated skin can be a tricky one to diagnose as it has very similar symptoms to dry skin however, there are some key indicators to tell you your skin is dehydrated.

If you answer yes to any of the below, you have dehydrated skin.

• Does your skin feel tight but looks oily?
• Do you have “flaky” looking skin?
• Do your pores look long?
• Does no amount of cream help?
• Does your skin look dull?

If these sound like your skin, then best believe it’s dehydrated beyond belief! Fortunately, there are loads of anti-aging skincare products around to get your skin glowing and youthful again!
What should I look for in my products?
Hydration and antioxidant treatment is the key to your anti-aging routine! Look for products that provide the below benefits for your skin;

• Hydrating
• Vitamins
• Anti-oxidants
• Nourishment

Some ingredient examples would be vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, honey, rice extract, propolis and much more!
Top picks for Dehydrated Skin
[COSRX] Ultimate Overnight Mask Duo

• Lightweight, hydrating, nourishing masks
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[BY WISHTREND] 2 Step Vitamin Maximizing Set

• Lightweight. hydrating, brightening, nourishing, anti-oxidant care
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C. Dry Skin Type

Having a dry skin type is actually a good thing in the world of anti-aging skin care products. You have the widest variety of options to choose from out of every brand! Although the choices are plentiful, this can make choosing what's right for you a little tougher, so here are some key indicators of a dry skin type.

• Does the skin feel tight always?
• Do you fear using cleaning foams or gels?
• Does the concept of alcohol in products scar you?
• Do you feel your skin is extremely sensitive?
• Does your skin look dull and tired?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you have dry skin! Of course, there are some essential features you want to look for in your anti-aging product choices such as:

• Nourishment
• Repairing
• Firming
• Moisturizing
• Brightening

Dry skin is the most prone to early signs of aging such as skin sagging, loss of elasticity, dullness, and hypersensitivity. Don’t panic just yet! We have some awesome products to help!
What should I look for in my products?
• Ginseng
• Vitamins
• Antioxidants
• Centella asiatica
• Honey
• Ceramide
• Peptide
• Guaiazulene
• and more!

Add the below recommendations with your favorite cream and you’re set!
Top picks for dry skin
[KLAIRS] 2 Step Recovery Set

• Lightweight concentrated treatments, vitamins, antioxidants, and repairing!
Learn more here

[I'M FROM] 2 Step Ginseng Set

• Deep nourishment, concentrated anti-aging, and skin firming!
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D. Normal Skin Type

Well, aren’t you lucky! If you have a normal skin type, then you probably rarely feel concerned about the condition of your skin. But now as you are getting older, you’re most likely starting to think a little more about starting an anti-aging routine.
Fortunately, you can choose anything you want!
Normal skin types generally have no concerns, meaning you don’t think about dryness, oil-control, sensitivity, or dehydration. This means you can use any anti-aging product you’d like. But this might seem overwhelming so let us guide you!
What should I look for in my products?
Look for skin care products that claim the following benefits:

• Antioxidants
• Vitamins
• Nourishing
• Firming
• Hydrating
• Brightening
You’re all set!
There you have it folks! Your top picks and recommendations for anti-aging skincare products to suit everyone's skin type! You no longer need to fear the term “anti-aging cream” thinking its your grandmother's heavy duty anti-wrinkle product that quite possibly, smelt like baby powder and perfume… Welcome to the new age of anti-aging for everyone!
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