Whitening Cream? Skin Lightening Cream? How to Make Your Skin Brighter & More Glowing!

January 1, 2018 | By Wendy Kim
What is brightening?
Let’s not get confused with Whitening. When people say they are looking for a whitening effect, a whitening cream, it implies that they literally want paler skin. Then what does brightening mean? Brightening is different from whitening in a sense that it doesn’t simply mean paler skin in terms of skin tone but encompasses the following: improving and evening the overall skin complexion through fading acne marks, reducing dark circles and improving uneven skin tone & texture. Let’s put it this way, the brighter the skin is, the healthier it is. So let’s not confuse between whitening skin, whitening cream to brightening skin.
Some real basics to keep in mind for brighter skin…
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Prevent acne scarring
  • Exfoliate occasionally
  • Eat some of these food: tomato, green tea, omega-3, carrots, brown rice..
  • Remember some of these ingredients : Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, Glutathione, Vitamin C and so on…
  • Get your skincare right
5 Step Skincare Routine for Brighter Skin! (Including self massaging tips!)
So if brightening your overall skin complexion is what you are aiming for, take a closer look at these simple but effective skincare steps.
Step1. Skin prepping always comes first
No matter how many times we emphasize this very first step after cleansing, it’s just not enough. And it of course applies the same for skin care routine for brighter skin. There are certain ingredients that works great for brighter skin and those active ingredients deliver most effectively through masks, serum, essence. So what comes first is to make your skin into a clean slate by removing any impurities possibly left on your skin. Use a gentle but hydrating toner with a cotton pad that can gently exfoliate your skin as well.

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Step2. Oxygen supply on the skin
Time for some essence! When the essence is filled with oxygen-enriched water, this will help the skin breathe which follows a detoxifying effect. Go for an essence that is rich in minerals and amino acids because this will not only hydrate the skin but also purify the skin which are the key to brighter and glowing skin. Apply a generous amount all over your face and make sure to soak them all in. No matter how much you put on your skin, your skin will still feel comfortable thanks to great absorption rate and light texture.

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Step3. Choose your sheet mask wisely
By now, you’ll know that sheet mask (or any other mask except for sleep masks) comes before serum or essence step. So add a sheet mask that has ingredients effective for brightening. If you add a mask step right after prepping or exfoliating your skin, the active ingredients will soak into your skin even more effectively. Especially if the mask is soaked with ingredients such as Niacinamide, glutathione, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, it gets even better. Especially the niacinamide is an ingredient proved to prevent the development of melanin on the skin.

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[Special] Step4. Give yourself a nice massage
After giving your skin a nice sheet mask care, your skin will be covered with essence after removing the mask. Never wipe them off but add a face massage step that you can easily do on your own and give your skin extra care. Just by adding this step, the leftover essence will be absorbed deeper into the skin.
1) After rubbing your hands to generate heat, cover your overall face (from bottom to top)
2) Rub your hands again to generate heat and gently pull up your skin using the four tips of your fingers.
3) Using just few fingers, pull up areas on the face gently (ex. forehead, side of your eyebrows).
4) Using the tips of the fingers, dab your skin gently as if you are playing the piano. This will enhance blood circulation of your face improving your skincare effects.

Step5. Slather Vitamin E sleeping mask all over
Now the last step to complete the journey to brighter skin! It can be either a simple moisturizer with ingredients that will boost the brightening effect or a sleeping mask that can give your skin not only the brightening care but wrinkle care even while you are asleep. Apply a generous amount of the sleep mask and go to bed. This will not only lock in all the goodness from the previous steps but also activate your overnight skin miracle.

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Enjoy brighter skin!

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