Acne Meaning & Face Mapping Your Acne

November 28, 2017 | By Bronwyn Papineau
Hi loves! It's Bronwyn from BiiBiiBeauty here with you today to share our face mapping tips to help you better understand your acne meaning's. Acne isn't easy to deal with, but the more you educate yourself on it and understand your health and body, the better you can pin point the cause and cure your acne! So without further delay, let's hope right into it!
What is face mapping?
Face mapping can be linked back to Chinese medicine which has only in recent years, become a well known method for better understanding the health causes and acne meaning on the facial area. Face mapping for acne meaning's teaches us how having acne on certain areas of our faces, can actually be linked to underlying health concerns.

1. Forehead Acne
The first factor for acne located on the forehead can commonly be one of the areas that is linked tohormonal imbalances. Our hormones influence our skins natural oil/sebum production. An imbalance in hormones can not only stimulate excessive oil on the forehead but also on the entire face.
The second factor is your hair and hair hygiene! If you have a fringe/bangs, the constant contact of hair against the skin on the forehead can cause mild irritation resulting in irritation acne around the forehead. The acne meaning for the forehead can also be a sign that the hair products you're using are not working with your skin or that you aren't showering your hair often enough.
The third factor of the acne meaning for forehead breakouts can be linked to the stomach. If you often have stomach issues such as acid reflex and indigestion, then you can link that to the acne on your forehead. Try switching up your diet for less fatty and oily foods to help with stomach digestion.
2. Temples & Eyebrows
The common cause for acne around the temples and eyebrows is alcohol intake! Yes that's right, drinking alcohol effects our liver and when the liver is having a hard time, the signs can commonly show up through acne around the temples and eyebrows. The liver is effected by alcohol consumption, food allergies and heavily processed/chemical heavy/greasy foods.
So to reduce acne around the temples and eyebrows, slow down on the drinks and try to focus on having a healthy liver with a clean diet.
3. Cheeks
Our cheeks are the largest area of our face and as such, these areas have the most sebaceous glands(oil glands), allowing for the most oil production as well as more pores, making it most vulnerable to acne.
The cheeks are also very influenced by skin temperature, if your cheeks are high in body temperature(regularly feel hot) or are exposed to too much heat exposure such as hot stoves and the sun, you will most likely see a rise in acne in this location.
Another common cause is contact with our hands and objects such as our cell phones. If you touch your hands to your cheeks a lot, use dirty makeup brushes/tools or hold your cell phone to your face often or rarely wash your pillow cases, then you bet you will see more acne pimples popping up!
Aside from external factors, the breakouts around the cheeks can also be linked to issues with digestion in the colon. If you have IBS(irritable bowel syndrome), food allergies or are often constipated, then you will most likely experience acne on your cheeks.
4. Nose
Pimples on the nose are often linked to poor blood circulation in the body or aheart condition. Not only can the heart and blood flow have an impact, but frequent constipation can also influence pimples on the nose! Aside from health concerns, we also have many pores around the nose area that often get blackheads. If these clogged pores are not extracted or kept clean, then they can sometimes become infected by irritation, resulting in pimples on the nose.
5. Lips & Mouth
Acne pimples around the lips and mouth is most commonly due to poor digestion from eating too many spicy & oily foods . Not only food, but the toothpaste you currently use might also be irritating your skin!
6. Chin
Acne pimples on the chin is one of the most common areas, especially for women. The reason being is because the number 1 cause for pimples on the chin is due to our sexual hormones ! So if you often breakout on the chin around that time of the month, you bet it's because of those female hormones acting up again!
However if these breakouts on the chin are more constant, then it can also be due to issues with the liver. So make sure to find ways to help balance hormones and aid the liver with herbal teas and healthy vegetables.
How to Treat Acne?
Now that you know your acne meaning thanks to face mapping, it's time to start treating the acne at the source. Of course the main way to cure acne is by starting a life style change by beginning a clean eating diet, cutting out oily foods, high sugars, processed foods and foods you have allergies to such as high gluten, dairy and nuts.
To assist in other health aspects aside from diet, you should also pick up a regular workout routine. Becoming physically active can positively effect all aspects of body function. Improving stomach and colon digestion, circulation, heart, lungs and much more! Of course you should also talk with your doctor about your acne and health concerns prior to building an appropriate activity routine.
Once your diet and physical health is on track to becoming healthier, it's also time to consider partaking in an acne skincare routine. Proper skincare for those who suffer with acne is very important and can revolutionize your skin! We recommend the bellow routine to help your skin recover and heal from its acne breakouts.
An ideal acne skincare routine
And there you have it! Our complete guide to face mapping to better understand our acne meaning's as individuals! I hope this could be helpful to anyone suffering with acne much longer then they should!
* Check out the acne face mapping video on Wishtrend TV for detailed information!


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