#wishtrender: List of Skincare Tips & Best Products that Betty Can't Live Without

August 3, 2018 | By Wendy Kim
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Welcome to another episode of #wishtrender on 'Glam Black’ Today we invited a very special member of Wishcompany and Wishtrend TV. Not only you’ll get to find out some of the list of beauty products and skincare products that saved her skin but also a first hand experience stories of why it has become their holy grail items! Plus! You’ll get to pick up some beauty and skincare tips shared by our #wishtrenders! So here it goes!

#wishtrender of this month: Betty Kim
Wendy- Q. Please introduce yourself to our readers!
Betty- A. Hi guys! It’s Betty here today! Some of you might have seen me in some skincare tutorial videos for Klairs :p I am a designer in the Contents & Media Lab at Wishcompany and what I do is mostly contents producing on Wishtrend TV and Wish Beauty Lab and take care of all the design works required for contents creating. Recently, I am working on creating a really exciting booklet that will be distributed to our customers and offline shops that carries our brands!
Wendy- Q. Many of the staffs at Wish enjoy watching your feeds on Instagram (@dioo_it)! What do you do during your spare time?
Betty- A. Thank you! I just love sharing the littlest moment with my friends and followers :) What I love to do during my spare time varies according to the days and the weather but I can probably say that I love to go to exhibitions that I find interesting, love taking photos, enjoy sipping some pretty AF drinks at pretty instagrammable cafes and last but not least, love love love watching J-dramas while I have a bowl of tangerines I can munch on throughout binge watching!
Wendy- Q. Share us the best part about working at Wishcompany!
Betty- A. Whoa, there are several but I will have to say my favorite part about working at Wishcompany is definitely the 4.5 work week! There is a week where we are given a half day off on Wednesdays and there is no better treat than this! When you work hard, you gotta play hard. Just kidding :p When you work hard there are days when you need some time off, just relax and enjoy your time and this week helps us to recharge and take time for yourself. Once we end work at 1pm, the entire afternoon is ours! I tend to spend this time catching up with my friends or go enjoy expand my creativity and get inspirations. And first and foremost, the excitement of not being in the office while others are, is a thriller!!! And then the rest of the week, we get to work with more energy and good vibes in the air!
Wendy- Q. Now finally the time to reveal your top 5 favorites on Wishtrend!

#1. [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner

  • Why?This is the best product for my dry AF cheeks! I literally use this toner throughout the entire week and this really keeps my skin hydrated without letting it feel dry. One of the favorite tricks I do with this toner is I layer several layers of this toner on my entire face and without rubbing it in, I let it sit there and be absorbed for 5-10 minutes. This really helps to calm my skin whenever it has been irritated.
#2. [BY WISHTREND] Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

  • Why?This is what I have recently have madly fallen in love! To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of matcha (green tea). So once this powder type cleanser launched on Wishtrend, I didn’t really even bother to test it out. But when I ran out my Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser, this was the cleanser that I had on my vanity so had no choice but to use it and guess what! I was blown away! Even though it takes extra work to slather up the powder to make foam, after I used it, it left my skin feeling really hydrated and comfortable! And throughout the week that I have used this cleanser, I’ve noticed that my skin has become clearer! Any of those who are looking for a hydrating cleanser, I highly recommend this! And especially if you are a green tea lover, you’ll even fall in love more than I did!
#3. [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

  • Why?This is a holy grail for my t zone considering that I have combination skin type. I add this item 3 times a week after cleansing. Once I get done with cleansing, I apply mandelic acid water onto a cotton pad and then with gentle swiping motions, I use it on my t zone. Since I’ve started using this in my skincare, it has really helped me with pore care. Also with the ingredient, it is my favorite way to exfoliate my skin because I don’t need other exfoliating products like scrubs once I have this on my vanity.
#4. [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

  • Why? I must first say that this is an item that makes me feel good and be in a good mood. And it makes sense because blue is my favorite color! This magical blue colored serum has a very watery texture and absorbs so easily into my skin. Well, I am not at a point where I am bothered about wrinkles or is in an urgent need of wrinkle care, I still feel like my skin becomes more elastic and healthier whenever I use this! And I guess the earlier you start anti-aging care, the better it will be for the skin!
#5. [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

  • Why? I tend to change up toners according to my skin’s condition and reach out for the best one that will work best for my skin on different days. BUT, this cream is one single item that I never change but stick to every single day. Regardless of the weather and the time of the year, this is the cream that I always reach out for. The ingredient list in the cream makes it a cream that will not only hydrate the skin but also enhance skin’s complexion and elasticity. The light and well balanced cream makes it one of the steady seller on Wishtrend. If you are looking for a moisturizer that you can stick to for a long time, this will be it!
Wendy- Q. Is there anything you wish to tell our subscribers?
Betty- I guess one of the best skincare tip that changed my skin game was using a toner and a cotton pad instead of cleansing in the morning. Also, if you have combination dry skin, try using different types of toners onto different parts of the face!
Wendy- Q. Are there any skincare & beauty tips that you always keep?
Betty- I used to stress out a lot with adult acne. And like many who goes through adult acne, I myself have also tried and tested out so many different types of products out in the market trying to find the perfect one to help me cure acne and to keep my skin in its healthy condition. However, I’ve come to realize that less can be better when it comes to our skin. I’ve learned which ingredients will work best for my skin since I’ve started working at Wishcompany and have found the items that works great for my skin with the simplest ingredient lists. And since I am the living proof of escaping from adult acne without endless doctor’s appointment or clinical treatments, I really want to tell you to be patient and positive because as long as you try and listen more carefully to your skin, you will find the best solution for your skin!

And lastly, want to thank all of your love and support (and I read all the comments that you leave on our videos on Wishtrend TV and Wish Beauty Lab :p)! You are the reason that I am able to have fun working as a designer at Wishcompany!
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