Top 5 At Home Facial Rules for Healthy Glowing Skin!

Feb 7, 2018. Written by Wendy Kim
You know those days when you wake up in the morning and surprise yourself by looking into the mirror? Dark circles, dull skin tone, tired looking skin, dry flaky skin and troubles here and there.These are some of the most familiar skin concerns that pulls us away from the mirror. Whenever we had a wild night out drinking, fell asleep without properly removing makeup or fell asleep right after having a bag of chips, it happens. But if you just make sure to keep 5 skincare rules and get a little help from different ingredients like green tea, rose water and magnolia, you’ll no longer be surprised looking into the mirror the next morning.
Facial Rule #1. Exfoliation & Cleansing
Rule number one is of course, exfoliation & cleansing. These two have significant importance for all skin types, all skin concerns, and all skin conditions. If these two steps are absent, no other skincare matters. That’s how important these two are for your skin. Just remember never let your skin suffocate under unremoved dead skin cells, makeup, impurities and dirt while you are asleep. It’s not an option, it’s a must. If you want to say goodbye to dull looking skin, exfoliate properly first and go your cleansing right. If you can add a product that can exfoliate & cleanse your skin at the same time, it will be so much more than worth a buy.

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Facial Rule #2. Deep Hydration
The second rule is to never leave your skin dry. Did you know that dry skin can also be a reason for troubles and acne? Also when your skin gets dry, it obviously become flaky and also not glowy at all. So always make sure to moisturize your skin effectively and fully so that your skin can stay hydrated not only throughout your skincare routine but also while you are asleep and during the day time. That is why you should never be fooled with products that just leaves your surface of the skin feeling hydrated but rather get hands on items that can deliver deep hydration into your skin. And the products can range from toner to sheet mask, serum and cream. The more moist, the merrier!
Facial Rule #3. Floral Ingredients That Restore Skin Tone
Flowers doesn’t just make us feel good and loved when we receive it as a gift from our beloved ones. Some of the flower based ingredients do so much good for our skin as well! Here are some of the ingredients that you would find it amusing and excited to try it on your skin.
1) Roses
Yes, roses! It was one of Cleopatra’s favorite beauty ingredient that was a part of her beauty regimen. Rose is known to be one of the most expensive ingredients to be put in a skincare product and to deliver numerous benefits onto the skin. Among many different benefits, it’s mostly known for it’s skin softening, brightening and giving the skin a natural, healthy glow! We can find rose water in different types of skincare products but try incorporating them as a sheet mask or a moisturizer for better effect!

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2) Magnolia
Another beautiful flower ingredient that not only pleases our eyes but our skin is magnolia! You’ll find it in skincare products as Magnolia bark extracts. This beautiful pink flower ingredient is known to calm inflammation on skin and to improve hydration level on the skin. And these two factors makes it an amazing ingredient to work effectively for those with dull and tired looking skin. Try adding magnolia ingredient through essence to see more effective results.

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Facial Rule #4. Give Your Skin a Facial Massage!
Now that you know the basic skincare rules and ingredients, now give your skin some nice facial massage that you can easily do at home. You can incorporate this massage during your skincare or even before and after. Check out the video below and follow the simple facial massage you can do at home!

Facial Rule #5. Get Sufficient Sleep!
The last but one of the most important at home facial skincare rule to get that glow back on your skin is....get enough sleep! Why is taking enough sleep so important? We can write a whole new article on this but like our brain and organs need rest, our skin also needs a nice amount of rest and time to cure and regenerate. After giving your skin a nice facial with some key ingredients, you would want your skin to be able to take time to absorb those ingredients right? So leave your worries behind and go to bed before it is too late!
Keep the Top 5 At Home Facial Rules for Healthy Glowing Skin with Wish, Try, Love!
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