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    The first anti-aging product by KLAIRS.#MidnightBlue #YoutheningBlue+ Anti-wrinkle product.+ Contains EGF (sh-Oligopeptide-1), bFGF (sh-Polypeptide-1),    and 95% raw materials for anti-aging effects.+ Only made with 10 core ingredients without the use of purified water    as a high concentration and high strength delay-aging serum. Brand : KLAIRSVolume...

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    KLAIRS Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion SPF40/PA++ has been renewed. Meet the upgraded Blue Sun Lotion ! + UV Protection x Heat Protection+ Maintains moisture and clears skin with heat protection.+ Soothes damaged skin from sun and external heat.+ The peaceful blue color helps your skin to be light skin toned.+ Moisturizes without stickiness.#UVprotection...

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    If you're a person who have concerns about skin irritations due to sensitivity of skin to skin care products, although the conventional Klairs skin care was satisfactory in soothing & nonirritating, additional care is needed for extreme sensitivity, meet the new Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. #BlueCream #CalmingBlue #BlueRepairBrand : KLAIRSVolume :...

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    KLAIRS Midnight Blue - Delay Aging Night Care Recipe Midnight Blue Line, for your skin’s good night. Night care routine for skin improvements, and maintaining elasticity. Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Blue Drop 20ml +Blue Cream 30mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    Day & Night blue care from the sun protection to healing the tired skin from stress.+ Sun & Heat Protection for your day time+ Intensive soothing effect for damaged spot+ Deep moisturizing without irritation+ Skin tone brightening during a day.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Sun lotion 50ml +Blue Cream 30mlAll Skin Types (Sensitive Skin)Made in Korea

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    Get rest for your skin with Calm Night Kit.Pure vitamin c with low irritationwill brings healther and glow skin tone, great to soothing troubled skin withmidnight blue cream.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Serum 35mlCream 30mlMade in KoreaAll Skin Types (Sensitive Skin)

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    [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation Facial Toner + Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop + Midnight Blue Calming CreamWe recommend this set for those people who has oily/sensitive skin with skin trouble, redness.It can soothe and protect your skin rapidlyfrom any irritations, stress.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Toner (180ml) +Vitamin Drop (35ml) +Blue Cream (30ml)All Skin Types...

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    KLAIRS Midnight Blue Youth Activating DropI’M FROM Ginseng MaskAnti-aging products must be included in your skincare routine to prevent losing elasticity over time. Start your anti-aging care now!Brand: KLAIRS, I’M FROM Volume:Blue drop 20mlWash-off mask 120gAll Skin TypesMade in Korea 

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