WISH BOX (No.36) : Hair Styling Box


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WISH BOX (No.36) : Hair Styling Box

Make complete your style !
Perfect hair style will make perfect day.

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Contents : 
1EA X [EYECANDY] Rainbow Volume S Brush

1EA X [BERRISOM] Styling Hair Cara 8g
5EA X 15ml [CONFUME] Argan Treatment Ampoule
1EA X  [CONFUME] Argan Gold Treatment Hair Mist

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?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Awesome!
5/5 The argan hair mist smells really good and I've already noticed a difference in my hair after using it the very first time! The bottles of hair treatment are all normal size as expected and they make my hair feel and look good. OMG, the brush! I never expected such a small brush would pack such a good punch!! While the brush is smaller than I expected, it comes with a mirror - unexpected, and it really works, providing detangling without the pain as well as leaving my hair shiny. I'm very pleased with this purchase!!
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : 4.0 (hard to press the stars)
4.5/5 The 5 bottles of oil are very small. I didn't think it would be this small. It's like a travel size. It does smell very nice though. I wish the bottles had easier dispensers. I dropped like half a bottle down the drain because dispensing the oil on my palm was difficult, especially when adding water to it for a 'cloudy' mixture. Used only twice but see no difference except for the nice smell.

The hair styling clara works good. Just that if you run your hand through it afterward, the effects is gone (obviously), but who can remember to not touch their hair?

The brush is really cute. Though I'm not sure if it has all the effects it says it does. I see no change in volume and my hair still gets pulled out from time to time. Still, I just use it because it's so cute.

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