Leather Darkening Oil for Luxurious Bag

Quick Overview:

Leather Darkening Oil for Luxurious Bag
One up your grandeur of
your already luxurious bag!

It makes your leather more flexible
and conserves the leather condition
through the sulfofication of vitamin E.

A natural color is formed
when you expose the natural leather
after the application of the product.

For Natural Leather
Volume: 50ml
Made in Korea


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You don`t have to wait for your
flexible nice leather for a long time.

Leather Darkening Oil makes your bag tan with darker color, flexible
to be carried easily with a few rubs.

Who does not want to have bag
that fit perfect to you and your outfit ?
Try this oil to enhance updated qualities !


Leather darkening oil that maintains
its color, flexibility, moisture,
and lure to make it as always-new-look !

  • Leather bag care oil for people
  • who wants to maintain its original color of bags.
  • who wants to make the bags look more luxurious and tanned, which show the quality.


You don`t have to wait until your bag
be tanned naturally after a long times.
All you need is
PLUIE Leather Darkening Oil!

As soon as you apply this Leather Oil to darken your bag,
you are getting many affects.
It maintains the tanned color, and moisturize not to be ripped.
Also, it makes the bags look shiny.
All you need are a cloth and a few drops of this oil.
Only works for genuine leather.


How to use

1) Remove dirt/dust

2) Use dry cloth and apply thin.

3) If you don’t use cloth, your leather may be stained.

If the leather already has a tan,
it means that it has been damaged
due to over-exposure to UV rays.
In this case, if you use Pluie’s tanning
care system, it treats the leather
to have a more natural original color.

4) Before using the product,
please test with the product on

Product info.

Brand : PLUIE
For natural leather
Volume : 50ml
Made in Korea


Mink oil, Shea butter, Squalane, Tocopheryl Acetate

2 Reviews
Good!by Patricia1219.  08/10/2012

This product makes my leather items more beautiful and more luxurious! Always new feeling. Good!

Recommended to buy: Yes
Lotion de bronzageby Alexandra.  06/22/2012

It's what I wanted! My leather bag seems be happy! :D

Recommended to buy: Yes
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