Houttuynia Cordata Ferment Mist + Ferment Houttuynia Cordata Extract Serum + Centella Ferment Cream


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Houttuynia cordata and Centella asiatica 
extract are effective in fighting acne
Zymogen mist and cream is fit to deliver
hydrating skincare to those with oily skin.

Volume : 
Ferment Mist (135ml)+
Ferment Serum (105ml) +
Centella Cream (50g)
All Skin Types (Acne Skin)
Made in Korea




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This set

  • Especially for those with
    extremely dry or sensitive skin.
    Ferment Houttuynia cordata
    extraction serum will fully moist
    your skin and will help you
    recover skin infections
    and calm your irritated skin !
    Brand : ZYMOGEN
    All Skin Types (Sensitive, Dry Skin)
    Volume : 105ml
    Made in Korea
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    Original Value USD24.50
    Reduced price!

    Especially for those withextremely dry or sensitive skin.Ferment Houttuynia cordataextraction serum will fully moistyour skin and will help yourecover skin infectionsand calm your irritated skin !Brand : ZYMOGENAll Skin Types (Sensitive, Dry Skin)Volume : 105mlMade in Korea

  • Perpect antioxidant activity effect.
    Removes the trains and scars of pimple.
    Provides water barrior to keep
    the moisture in your skin.
    Brand : ZYMOGEN
    All Skin Types
    Volume : 50g
    Made in Korea
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    Original Value USD27.65
    Reduced price!

    Perpect antioxidant activity effect.Removes the trains and scars of pimple.Provides water barrior to keepthe moisture in your skin.Brand : ZYMOGENAll Skin TypesVolume : 50gMade in Korea

  • Best selling trouble care line of Zymogen.
    Reduces pimples and
    keeps oily skin 24hours neat.
    Brand : ZYMOGEN
    Volume : 135ml
    All Skin Types (Trouble Skin)
    Made in Korea
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    Original Value USD16.92
    Reduced price!

    Best selling trouble care line of Zymogen.Reduces pimples andkeeps oily skin 24hours neat.Brand : ZYMOGENVolume : 135mlAll Skin Types (Trouble Skin)Made in Korea  

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?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Best product range to combat adult acne!
5/5 I already wrote a review on the Zymogen Lotion site, but once again: this product range will change the way your skin looks. After using it ONLY for 2 weeks, I saw a luminosity on my cheeks I had been missing since my 18th birthday. Also, this seems to be the only acne centered skincare that doesn't dry out my skin, but evenly and more importantly distributes the moisture right where I need it!!
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Very good
5/5 This was the first skincare set I purchached and I was very happy with the results.Within 2-3 days my skin became healthy looking and bright and after 2-3 months I also started seeing a noticeable difference in acne scar fading.This set is also great for dry skin types like mine,because it perfectly provides moisture and hydration without being greasy or breaking me out.Will be buying again.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Life Saver Product Pack
5/5 This Zymogen skincare pack has been a must have for my skin. I've been using these products for over a year and I'm quick to order more when I notice I'm running low. Since using these products my skin has become much less acne prone. I've also noticed when I do break out my skin heals much quicker and my past acne scars have begun fading. The mist is so refreshing to apply and the cream is deeply nourishing yet not heavy at all. I'd recommend this pack to anyone having acne concerns.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Good for Calming Down Acne
4.5/5 Before using this Zymogen set, I used to have a lot of acne on my cheeks; however, after using this is set my skin has started to calm down and it overall my face looked less red. This, unfortunately, didn't clear all my acne but it definitely calmed my skin down a lot. I also felt a bit oily after applying the Centella Ferment cream and might be a little bit too much for oily skinned people, but overall its a great set for treating acne.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : !@#$%
2.5/5 I bought this product when I saw it on the top Wishtrend products for 2016. I had three big acne scars r/t hormo imbalance. I was using the CosRx Centella cream which is effective on treating acne and acne scars but I don't like the white cast it left on my face so I tried this one. It's not as effective as the CosRx but I kept using it as I loved the smell and it's light, cooling effect. My hormo problem solved but I still got 2-3 new pimples everyday. From 3 acne scars, my face has become polka dots. I have to stop my other products one at a time to identify which causes my acne until I found these are the culprit-- the cream, serum, even the mist!

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