Premium Essence

Quick Overview:

These top facial moisturizers
contain pure and genuine gold !
Highly concentrated ample type of
gold essense for your daily care.

Effective for
extra moisture and nourishment +
regenerating skin + reducing redness !

All Skin Types (Dry, Sensitive Skin)
Volume : 30g
Made in Korea

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For the customers from United States.

All Caolion products can be purchased
by using official online commerce
in the United States.


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Catch the moisture loss right after facial wash
with Premium Essence.

CAOLION Primium Essence is an ample type of essence, containing nutritional ingredients.
It delivers abundant moisture, energy, and nourishment to the skin immediately.
And it supplies vitality to the skin and soothes red and breakout areas.
It also controls the balance between oil and water for natural glow on your face.

You can supply moisture as soon as
you finish facial wash
It only takes 3 seconds
to moisturize your face


No preservatives.
This is the healthiest essence
which works for all aspect of nutrition.

  • Are you struggling with
  • endless dryness of natural born skin type ?
  • improving your skin tone from aging ?


Your skin is breathing,
and healthy ingredients accelerate

No antiseptic, No alcohol, No pigment, No fragrance.
Contains 100% Unshiu Fruit Essential Oil

It is not heavy to use during Summer.
All you have to remember to avoid direct light on the bottle.

In domestic market, consumer giving us reviews about
having immediate effect this product.
People with sensitive skin get better in 2-3 days definitely.

You can see the difference of getting shiny skin
even trying on back of your hand.


How to use

1) Drop 1-2 droplets with a pipette
and apply on both cheeks.

2) Massage with your fingertips
in a circular motion
and pat your cheeks gently
until it is fully absorbed.

Product info.

All Skin Types
(Dry, Sensitive Skin)
Volume : 30g
Made in Korea



9 Reviews
fabulousby dlw1371d.  08/14/2012

You're not looking older - you're looking better! I am becoming a coalion fan! I love the way this essence helps to even out my skin tone...It's worth the price! It seems to do every thing else it promises.

Recommended to buy: Yes
worth itby Nana7.  08/14/2012

This is truely the best essence I have ever used. My skin looks better then ever. I highly recommend!

Recommended to buy: Yes
Happy with it!by Lonely Night.  07/31/2012

I love this product! I've been using it for about two months now. I have very picky skin that will break out if you look at it the wrong way. This stuff not only doesn't make me break out, I swear it helps. I'm not needing to use acne products as much. So happy!

Recommended to buy: Yes
Looks betterby Tera.  07/11/2012

Does exactly as it says. A wonderful product and if you use it faithfully, you will definitely see some added benefits to you skin. I use this at night with the precious cream. I highly recommend this product for a more youthful look to your skin.

Recommended to buy: Yes
Worth itby Vic346.  07/05/2012

I have been looking for something that really works with older skin, bringing both moisturizing and healing. This does work. Use it twice a day and have noticed a big change.

Recommended to buy: Yes
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