Be Clean Natural Soap (2Types)

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Be clean from head to toe !

# Rich Moist Facial Soap (Face)
# Manuka Honey &
   Choco Body Soap (Body)

Brand : KLAIRS

Volume :
Before drying 120g
(After drying 100g)

All Skin Types
Made in Korea

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?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : tzone pore care
4.5/5 I use this face soap on just my tzone for pore care this summer. It's working really well so far.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : In my night time routine
5/5 I use the rich moist facial soap everyday after I've washed my make up off. Soap lasts like for ever, which is good. Great value for your money! I have combination/sensitive skin and it's perfect to soothe my skin before the toner and serum. I would like test the others soaps as well.
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : I'd love to try the hair soap!
5/5 Right now the only soap bars available are the face one and the body one. Please make the others available!
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : RICH MOIST FACIAL SOAP
5/5 I bought this soap about a week ago and holy crap, this is the best facial soap I've ever used!!! I've got combination skin so I don't want to use anything that's going to leave that dry, tight feeling. This soap does none of that, it lathers beautifully & you barely need anything to wash your entire face & neck. When you lather it between your hands it's so soft and turns into a creamy white concistecy. My face has never been so squeaky clean in all my life and my skin is unbelievably soft and moisturized afterwards! It's so gentle & doesn't dry out my skin what so ever! This soap is amazing you have to try it!
?? Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Advice: I would stick away from soap bars in general!
1/5 I received the Manuka Honey & Choco Body Soap as a gift from a friend and I only use it to clean my makeup brushes and makeup puffs. I tested out the pH of the soap bar and it's around an 8-9 which is not surprising since it is a bar soap. Soap bars are typically alkaline in nature meaning that their pH ranges 7 and above. Using this on your skin can cause irreversible damage to your skin's pH mantle which is naturally acidic. My skin is sensitive and acne-prone so I found that using soap bars irritated my skin more and caused persistent breakouts. Don't strip your skin's pH mantle and use something gentler than this. Trust me on this. I've used soap bars before to test this and I've consistently found that my bacne worsened. And although I wasn't directly using this on my face, getting small soap suds contributed to consistent whiteheads and redness on my face. I'm still recovering from all of this. Such a painful and long process. /sighs

My advice is to ditch soap bars in general and pick a cleanser that has a pH of 6 or less. Soap bars are great and efficient cleansers for makeup tools but just make sure you're thoroughly getting out all the soap suds in your brushes before letting them dry.

This soap smells wonderful; I gotta give Klairs credit for this. However, it's too harsh for the skin. Any soap bar is not good for the skin. Something to keep in mind when buying especially if you have the same skin type as me. :-)

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