My Lip Tint Pack (9Types)

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+ Natural lip tint pack with unique formula.
+ Tint pack that does not smudge at all.
+ Turns your lip color in beautiful color
   within 5~10 minutes.

** WAIT ! Before you order, please check the option box !
Option A, Bubble Pink (Cherry Pink)
Option B, Lovely Peach (Yellow Orange)
Option C, Sexy Red (Pure Red)
Option D, Pure Pink (Lovely Pink)
Option E, Candy Orange (Real Orange)
Option G, Vivid Scarlet (Stunning Coral)
Option H, Virgin Red (Real Red)
Option I, Dear Coral (Coral Peach)
Option G, Glam Orchid (Gangnam Pink) Be discontinued

Volume : 15g
All Skin Types
Made in Korea 

Which color do you like most?
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Bubble Pink + Sexy Red with Special Price :-) !

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?? Abigale richard Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Date ~MUST TRY, KEEPER~
5/5 THIS product is just PERFECT whether as a base or the main look for lip. It may be a awkward process when you start ,but fun^^.

It's:: Not Drying ; Long Lasting ; Leave No Residue ; Has Beautiful shades
?? Vernice Lim Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Date Amazing Lasting Tint
5/5 Got the colour Sexy Red (Pure Red), and it's really pigmented and lasts the whole day for me! Would require practice before being able to perfect the application, but the peeling off satisfaction and colour payoff is really worth it!
?? Dorcas Chim-Chim bernadez Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Date A bit drying
3/5 I am not quite satisfied with the product because the stain was not really lasting and everytime I put this product, it dries my lips quickly even if i put moisturizer or lip balm. My lips also became patchy.
?? Nishat C Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Date Nice
5/5 You definitely need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before putting this on. The colors are great and I like how they blend into my lips. They last about 6 hours for me if I skip meals or am careful eating. I also like how easy it is to apply with the application tip and how easy it is to peel off, after 10 minutes of drying.
?? Sydney Nguyen Location : Skin types : Age : Location : Date Love it!
5/5 When this first came out, I always wanted to try it but didn't know where to get it. When I saw it on Wishtrend I bought it. I loves the colors. The tint don't last long for me though, but no tint ever last for me so it doesn't really matter. Overall, it's a great product!

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