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Hello there, beautiful! Curious about our vouchers?
Currently, we offer the voucher system to provide more benefits to enrich your shopping experience. With the use of a voucher code, you can now acquire various benefits such as free shipping, surprise gifts, and all kinds of sales ! Utilize the voucher code to become a smart shopper and get the most out of your beauty spree.

  • 1. On the check-out page, enter in the voucher code and click “Apply” to use it.
    2. Check to make sure the voucher has been applied to your order.

  • We offer voucher codes through various promotional means such as e-mail and SNS.

    1. Subscribe to our e-mail !
    On the personal information page, check the email option.

    2. Follow us on social media !

    3. Invite your friends with your invitation code !
    Go to invitation page.
  • With the exception of certain occasions, all vouchers apply to the following rules.

    • In order for the voucher code to apply, all requirements must be met according to each voucher code.
    • Only one voucher code per order.
    • Vouchers can only be applied to non-promotional products.
    (Promotions include the following: Wishbox/gift sets/free shipping/discounted products/ etc.)
    • When a promotional product and a non-promotional product are purchased together, the voucher code will only apply to the non-promotional product.
    • The free shipping voucher only applies to standard shipping.

    • The expiration date of voucher codes are final and cannot be extended
    • Expired voucher codes may not be reused If canceled due to customer’s request.
    • Voucher codes cannot be transferred to another individual.
    • Voucher codes cannot be applied to completed orders.
    • Additional distribution of vouchers due to special requests is not allowed.
    • We are not responsible for any errors resulting from use of vouchers acquired through unusual means as well as unforeseen, uncontrollable errors.
    • Use of a voucher can be restricted depending on the circumstances.
    • Voucher policy may be altered depending on the circumstances.


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