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    Moist with Glow Kit (Skin Brightening / All Skin)Step1, Supple Preparation Facial Toner (Upgrade)Step2, Freshly Juiced Vitamin DropStep3, Vitamin Tree Water GelBrand : KLAIRS, I'M FROMVolume :Toner 180ml + Vitamin Serum 35ml +Water Gel 75gAll Skin TypesMade in Korea 

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    (~Current) The NO.1 toner from the 'GLOWPICK'!KLAIRS toner ranked the top on 'GLOWPICK' as a best facial toner !("GLOWPICK" is the most impartial Cosmetic review App by user's estimation.)(May,2016) KLAIRS in Sephora Spain ! Now try the best toner which is the non-irritating toner rejuvenates and restores hydration for tired skin.+ Faster absorption,...

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    Wake your skin up with the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop !(5% Ascorbic Acid)+ Non-irritating.+ Transforming.+ Multi-solution.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 35mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    Natural, but still pretty.#NaturalButStillPretty#MochiBB #MySkinButBetter#KlairsBBcream+ No grey cast / No dry patch / No cakey + Redness and pores coverage.+ Anti-irritation formula.+ SPF40 PA+++** Wait ! Before you order, please check the option box !Option A, Only a BB CreamOption B, BB Cream with BB Cushion Case (Cover Sticker, Extra Puff & Sponge...

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    #BlueCream#CalmingBlue#BlueRepairIf you're a person who have concerns about skin irritations due to sensitivity of skin to skin care products, although the conventional Klairs skin care was satisfactory in soothing & nonirritating, additional care is needed for extreme sensitivity, meet the new Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. Brand : KLAIRSVolume :...

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    + Exfoliates dead skin cells.+ Eliminates the waste from the skin.+ Controls your blackheads   and excessive sebum.+ Moisturize the dry skin.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 60gAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    (May,2016) KLAIRS in Sephora Spain !+ Mild cleansing of black oil.+ Ingredients extracted from nature.+ Deep cleansing the pores.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 150mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    + Hypoallergenic face wash.+ Low irritant amino acid cleanser.+ One-step exfoliator cleanser.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 100 mlAll Skin Types(Dry, Sensitive Skin)Made in Korea

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    + Last step of pore care.+ Natural Charcoal soap for exfoliation.+ Cleansing soap from nature.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Before drying 120gAfter drying 100gAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit(Pore Care / Oily Skin)Step1, Gentle Black Deep Cleansing OilStep2, Gentle Black Sugar Facial PolishStep3, Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal SoapBrand : KLAIRSVolume : Cleansing Oil 150ml +Facial Polish 60g +Facial Soap 1EA All Skin Types (Oily Skin)Made in Korea 

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    Be clean from head to toe !# Rich Moist Facial Soap (Face)# Manuka Honey &    Choco Body Soap (Body)Brand : KLAIRSVolume : Before drying 120g(After drying 100g)All Skin TypesMade in Korea 

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     Half bottle of soothing essence.+ Unique formula from Klairs pure cotton sheet.+ No irritation.Option A, Only 1 Sheet : $1.99Option B, 10 Sheets (42%OFF) with Free 1 SheetOption C, 20 Sheets (41%OFF) with Free 5 SheetsBrand : KLAIRSVolume : 23ml (1EA)All Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    #MochiBB #VitaminDrop #KLAIRS'The Little Book of Skincare' Launching Event.On Nov. 10 The Little Book of Skincare: Korean beauty secrets for healthy, glowing skin written by Charlotte Cho It suggest for the best brands and beauty tipsthat include Klairs vitamin drop and BB Cream.try the Korean skincare with klairs best itemsBrand : KLAIRSVolume : Vitamin...

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    Special Offer : [KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream) + Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer with Special price !#NaturalButStillPretty#MochiBB #CreamyConcealer #MySkinButBetterBrand : KLAIRSVolume : BB Cream 40ml +Concealer 6mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    Klairs IlluminatingSupple Blemish Cream (BB Cream)is Suitable for Any Skin Type.For Dry, Oily, Sensitiveor Combination Skin.+ Natural Coverage.+ Anti Irritation.+ Sun Protection.+ Broad spectrum protection   against UVA and UVB rays.+ Light and silky finish on the skin.+ Great for all skin types.Brand : KLAIRS, LEI LANIVolume : BB Cream 40ml + Sun Cream...

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    Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer for the natural coverage you want.+ Natural coverage.+ Soothing formula.+ Hydrating.Brand : KLAIRSVolume : 6mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea

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    [KLAIRS] [Set] Supple Preparation Facial Toner + Rich Moist Soothing SerumKLAIRS' toner balances the skin’s PH level and boost the effectiveness of your entire skincare regime.A magical skin care serum that makes your skin softer and replenished with moisture.Check our Wish Team's review andyou will realize how much we love this set.Brand : KLAIRSVolume :...

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    Midnight Miracle Kit(Night Care / Oily Skin) We provide the 'WISH,TRY,LOVE' Special solution as a SOL-KIT,but the benefit will be different with 'WISH,TRY,LOVE' promotion. For Night Care.Step1, Pergillus 15 Sec. Foam CleanserStep2, Supple Preparation Facial Toner (Upgrade)Step3, Dr.Color Effect : Red SerumStep4, Badecasil Cream*This solution is not...

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