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  1. [ROJUKISS] Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree)

    [ROJUKISS] Natural Celtic Mist...

    It soothes your skin, cares dead skin,and improves moisture.This product is widely usedby celebrities in Korea, and peoplewho have various and complicated skin types.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 80mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore


  2. [ROJUKISS] Free Shipping + Pore Tightening Pack (Upgrade)

    [ROJUKISS] Free Shipping + Pore...

    Powerful treatment for large pores,ROJUKISS Pore Tightening Pack.+ Soft and mild ingredients. + Powerful pore contraction.+ Renewal version for   better Pore Minimizing Effect.Stimulating contraction effectand Strengthen damaged skin cells.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 200gAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore


  3. WISH BOX (No.29) : Cleansing Box (Upgrade!)

    WISH BOX (No.29) : Cleansing Box...

    Wishbox No.29 : Cleansing Box (Upgrade) 'All about Cleansing !'It is more important to wash yourface clean than to wear make-up.Value, USD 75.88 > USD 49.99 (34%OFF)Contents : [SKINMISO] Real Clean Peeling Gel[KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser[ROJUKISS] Pore Deep Cleansing Oil[LOVIEN] Flower Therapy Cleansing Tissue[CHICA Y CHICO] Konjac Sponge LearnMore



  4. [ROJUKISS] Free Shipping + Pure Vita C Dual Mask (Whitening)

    [ROJUKISS] Free Shipping + Pure...

    + An antioxidant-rich brightening    and nourishing mask enriched with    Vitamin C. + Make your skin healthy and protected. + Experience  Vitamin-C complex   to repair, protect, and nourish.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 25g x 5pcs (1 Box)All Skin Types Made in Korea ---------------------------------------------------------WE ALSO RECOMMEND :[ROJUKISS]... LearnMore


  5. [ROJUKISS] Pore Deep Cleansing Oil

    [ROJUKISS] Pore Deep Cleansing Oil

    Most-loved Cleansing oilat ♥+ Non-sticky cleansing oil.+ No irritation.+ Take care of blackheads and pores.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 200mlAll Skin Types Made in Korea LearnMore


  6. [ROJUKISS] Spot Light BB Cream

    [ROJUKISS] Spot Light BB Cream

    You can experience a 180′ changeto your skin with ROJUKISS.It covers blemishes and createsnatural skin tone and can bereplaced as foundation or makeup base.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 50mlAll Skin Types(Oily, Combination Skin)Made in Korea LearnMore


  7. [ROJUKISS] Pore Tightening Source (Serum)

    [ROJUKISS] Pore Tightening...

    Rojukiss Pore tightening sourcehelps the pores stay tight, andblocks the hazardous substances.It is certified by KDFA(Korea Food&Drug Administration)for anti-wrinkle functions.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 30ml / 1.0 fl.oz.All Skin Types(Pore tightening + Elasticity essence)Made in Korea LearnMore



  8. [ROJUKISS] Coenzyme Q10 Collagen Filing Source

    [ROJUKISS] Coenzyme Q10 Collagen...

    Wrinkly +ElasticityRojukiss provides you withthe high-quality effect.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 30ml / 1.0fl.oz.All Skin Types(Sensitive Skin Type)Made in Korea LearnMore


  9. [ROJUKISS] Twoway Whitening Source & Activator

    [ROJUKISS] Twoway Whitening...

    Mixture give whitening effecton the part of face or the entire face.Approved by FDA its whitening function.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 15ml / 0.52 fl.oz. X 2All Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore


  10. [ROJUKISS] Pore Tightening Fluid

    [ROJUKISS] Pore Tightening Fluid

    Rojukiss Pore tightening source helps the pores stay tight, and blocks the hazardous substances. It is certified by KDFA(Korea Food & Drug Administration) for anti-wrinkle functions. Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 105mlAll Skin Types (2in1,Toner+Lotion)Made in Korea LearnMore


  11. [ROJUKISS] Pore Secret Minimizing Cream

    [ROJUKISS] Pore Secret...

    Rojukiss Pore tightening source helps the pores stay tight, and blocks the hazardous substances. It is certified by KDFA(Korea Food & Drug Administration) for anti-wrinkle functions. Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 50mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore


  12. Sale
    [ROJUKISS] Natural Aqua Celtic Cream (Lime Tree)

    [ROJUKISS] Natural Aqua Celtic...

    Light, but Strong Hydration !Freshly-Moisturizing aqua creamfor Oily / Dry skinCeltic, the ideal mineral waterfrom the Unesco classified. + Skin Soothing.+ Prevention of Moisture Evaporation.+ Long-lasting Moisture.IF YOU WANT MAXIMIZE EFFECT : [ROJUKISS] Natural Celtic Mist (Lime Tree)Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 100mlAll Skin Types Made in Korea LearnMore



  13. [ROJUKISS] Multi Vita Cleansing Powder

    [ROJUKISS] Multi Vita Cleansing...

    Multi vitamin cleansing powderthat contains 5 vitamins :Vitamin C, E, B3, B5, B6 etc.Multi Vita Cleansing Powder brightensyour skin while positively turning overyour skin texture.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 120gAll Skin Types (Oily Skin)Made in Korea LearnMore


  14. [ROJUKISS] Pure Vita C Dual Booster

    [ROJUKISS] Pure Vita C Dual Booster

    Best Vitamin C for Brighten Skin !+ Provides Whitening Effect.+ Fresh Vitamin C.+ Delivers Pure & Healthy skin.+ Improves the skin texture.+ Gives even skin.IF YOU WANT MAXIMIZED EFFECT : [ROJUKISS] Pure Vita C Dual MaskBrand : ROJUKISSVolume : 10 ml x 3 unitsAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore


  15. [ROJUKISS] AC Control Fluid

    [ROJUKISS] AC Control Fluid

    Are you looking forbest acne control products for your skin? Are you tired of searching forthe right acne cure products for your skin?Here is AC control fluid that can actually treat your acne spot right. Toner and emulsion are combinedto effectively cure your trouble spots.   Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 105mlAll Skin Types (Acne Skin)Made in Korea LearnMore


  16. [ROJUKISS] Free Gift + Yellow Tox Peeling Gel

    [ROJUKISS] Free Gift + Yellow...

    BEAUTY STEAL !TO BE MORE BEAUTIFUL, JUST GET IT !The best way to exfoliate faceis to use natural peeling gel.BUY [ROJUKISS] Yellow Tox Peeling GelGET [ROJUKISS] Natural Celtic Mist Full Size for FREE !+ Transform Rough Skin Texture    into Soft and Silky one.+ Refreshing Effect by Lemon    ingredient.+ Natural Honey is contained   to transform your skin... LearnMore


  17. [ROJUKISS] Blackhead Clear Oil

    [ROJUKISS] Blackhead Clear Oil

    Rojukiss’s Blackhead Clear Oil functionsnot only for Removing Blackheadsand Dead Skin Cells but forControlling Excessive Sebum.Natural BHA ingredient will help you tostop worrying about skin trouble.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 12mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea  LearnMore


  18. [ROJUKISS] AC Clearing White Head Source

    [ROJUKISS] AC Clearing White...

    The best white head removerfor your beautiful skin.+ Smoothly functions for Sensitive Skin.+ Contains Licorice and   Sulfur for your Clean Skin.+ Calm your Skin and Control Sebum   with Natural Plant Extract.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 30mlAll Skin Types (Sensitive Skin)Made in Korea  LearnMore


  19. [ROJUKISS] AC Clearing Overnight Spot

    [ROJUKISS] AC Clearing Overnight...

    The best whiteheads treatmentwith great functions.+ Effective Soothing Effect   for your Exhausted skin.+ Control Excessive Sebum   and Remove Whiteheads.+ Moisturize your Dry &Sensitive Skin.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 20mlAll Skin Types (Acne Skin)Made in Korea LearnMore


  20. [ROJUKISS] Whitening Skin

    [ROJUKISS] Whitening Skin

    + Skin brightening solution.+ To make skin look healthy    and clean.+ Toner with polysaccharide    from mushroom.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 120mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore



  21. [ROJUKISS] Whitening Lotion

    [ROJUKISS] Whitening Lotion

    + Skin brightening solution.+ To moisturize and protect the skin.+ Lotion with polysaccharide    from mushroom.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 120mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore



  22. [ROJUKISS] Whitening Cream

    [ROJUKISS] Whitening Cream

    + Skin brightening solution.+ Last step of whitening skin care.+ Cream with polysaccharide    from mushroom.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 50mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore



  23. [ROJUKISS] Whitening Essence

    [ROJUKISS] Whitening Essence

    + Skin brightening solution.+ To offer nourishment and hydration.+ Essence with polysaccharide    from mushroom.Brand : ROJUKISSVolume : 30mlAll Skin TypesMade in Korea LearnMore



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