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    This hair treatmentStrengthens the Hair with Almondand Coconut Oil as its Key ingredients. + Provides Nutritious and   Healthier Hair.+ Maintains Original Liveliness.+ Grants Luster, Moisture and   Elasticity to your Hair.+ Adds Life and Refills the Nutrition.+ Absorbs well into every single hair.Brand : CONFUMEVolume : 200mlAll Hair Types (Damaged...

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    The customized treatment amplefor the Recovery of Damaged HairProtects both the Surface andInner Structure of the hairat the same time.+ Provides Nutritious and   Healthier Hair.+ Maintains Original Liveliness.Prevents the tip of the hair splittingand if used regularly, providesnot only Elasticity but also Lusterand Flexibility to the hair.Brand :...

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    Protects the hair from heat,at the same time shorteningthe hair-drying time.+ Provides Nutritious and Healthier Hair.+ Maintains Original Liveliness.+ Aborbs well into every single hair.Brand : CONFUMEVolume : 120ml + 25ml All Hair Types (Dry, Damaged Hair)Made in Korea

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items


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